Japan declares war in the Antarctic, sink whale-killing protest ship

The Japanese have been hunting whales in a protected wild-life sanctuary for years, and every year the opposition gets bigger. Both sides play tough, but the sides are not evenly matched.

What’s annoying is that the Japanese pretend that the hunting and killing of whales is for “scientific” purposes.

clipped from www.theage.com.au

The new Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's boat the Ady Gil in November.

The new Sea Sheperd Conservation Society’s boat the Ady Gil in November. Photo: Peter Mathew

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd’s stealth boat Ady Gil has been cut in half by a Japanese security vessel in the Antarctic today
The $1.5 million high-tech vessel’s remains were sinking, but its six-man crew had been rescued and was uninjured

Captain Watson said the Ady Gil was idling in waters near Commonwealth Bay when it was suddenly approached and rammed by the Japanese ship Shonan Maru, which has been detailed to provide security to the fleet.

Earlier today, the fleet was contacted for the first time by the Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd’s surprise third vessel, the Bob Barker.

“According to the Institute of Cetacean Research, the Ady Gil’s crew were launching projectiles at the Nisshin Maru and attempted to entangle its propellers with rope.”

ICR video footage shows the vessel stalking the Japanese ship, towing ropes from its stern.

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